PUSHTI YUVA MANCH is a group which is ment for the youngsters who are vaishnavs as well as for them who are always ready to serve for vallabh and vallabhiye vaishnavs. This manch is for that youngistan who are always keen to know about pushti marga.

This PUSHTI YUVA MANCH gives message to the young treasure and move them towards religion.

”Wake up,come and put yourself fromt the bottom of your heart to your own religion”

IN THE YEAR OF 2006, YUVA ACHRYA P.P.108 GO. SHREE HARIRAIJI MAHODAYSHREE established, PUSHTI YUVA MANCH. Being the vice president of P.Y.M.,YUVA ACHARYA SHREE DARSHAN KUMARJI MAHODAYSHREE is continously moderating youngsters.

PUSHTI YUVA MANCH is performing various activities throughout the world like YUVA SAMMELAN,SATSANG MANDALS,KATHA,PRAVACHANS and MANY YUVA SHIBIRS.

The only aim of PUSHTI YUVA MANCH is to gather the pushti youth and to maintain the gaps between PUJYA AACHARAYS and to gain labh of utsaws, manoraths and up coming pprogramms.



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