peuf_20120223_34His Holiness Param Pujya Goswami 108 Shri HARIRAYJI MAHODAYSHRI was born on Shravan Vad Baras to His Holiness Param Pujya Goswami 108 Shri VIJAYKUMARJI MAHARAJSHRI. Shri HARRAYJI Mahoday is the 17th descendent of Shri MAHAPRABHUJI who is the founder of SHUDDHADVAIT PUSHTIBHAKTI MARG(SHRI PUSHTI MARGA)”
Shri HARIRAYJI earned his sampradayik studies from Shri Mad Sola Bhagvat Vidya Peeth(ahemdabad) under the guidance of Golok Va. shri krishna shankar shastriji(dadaji). He has made immense efforts and contribution for Pushtimarg by applying the deep principal of Pushtimarg in daily life of the Vaishnavs.UNDER AAPSHREE’S guidance many vaishnav mandal’s are established. HIS HOLINESS is encouraging many communties like “VAISHVANAR CHARITABLE TRUST”,”PUSHTI GUNJAN SANSTHA”,”SHREE PURUSHOTTAM SATSANG MANDAL” and “PUSHTI YUVA MANCH”.

The aim of Shri HARIRAYJI for the vaishnav community is to increase Vaishnav UNITY and to help vaishnav to gain the knowldge of one’s duty towards his own religion. “SHRI PUSHTIDHAM HAVELI” which is going to be constructed at SURAT(GUJRAT,INDIA) will fulfill his aims.

Shri HARIRAYJI’s divine vachnamrut on “Shodash granth” has been excepted with love by the vaishnavs and has made revolution in Pushtimarg. Many weekly programs of Shrimad Bhagvatji has been conducted by HIS HOLINESS among vaishnavs and earned him lot of respect.

Aapshree has also started paathshala for pushtimargiya children in surat known as “BAAL PUSHTI” so that new genration increase their feeling towards own religion from the very beginning of their life. Shri HARIRAYJI is also engaged in various activities for the betterment of the being itself.

With an aim to integrate the scattered energy and utilize it for a larger and better purpose for the propagation of Pushtimarg from last 8 years aapshree is continusly travelling across various continents which includes Europe, Africa,Gulf . Various activities are carried out by the trust under the pertinent guidance of Shri HARIRAYJI.
Shri PUSHTI DHAM HAVELI is a striking example of His Holiness untiring efforts to do something for Pushtimargiya vaishnav and it would emerge as a model for other such Vaishanv unity in future

– Pushti Yuva Manch-


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